Monday, April 8, 2024

Online technologies and advances in law have enabled individuals, corporations, and municipal entities to meet the demand for faster, safer services in all aspects of notary services. The ability to connect with and perform these services, whether business-related or personal, is now operational and accessible globally via the NY Notary Public Services Remote Online Notarization Platform.

Notarizations for both personal and business documents in all categories and business segments can now be performed with the convenience of your computer, tablet, or mobile device using our remote online notarization technology.

Our notaries are licensed in New York state to conduct electronic notarial acts performed remotely through the Internet. Electronic notarial acts are notarial acts performed using software that produces an electronically recorded output. An electronic notarial act is performed remotely, with the notary and petitioner separated physically, but capable of communicating at the same time through audio-visual technologies and other security protocols.

Effective 2/1/23, electronic remote online notarization is now authorized and active in New York State with new regulations.

  • How Remote Online Notarization works in New York

    *New procedure as of 2/1/2023*
  • The notary must identify the remote signer (also known as the “principal”) of the document. The signer must go through credential analysis, and identity proofing using a valid photo ID to verify identity.
  • Real-time interaction between the signer and the notary public where the notary witnesses the singer execute the document through secure audio-video technology.
  • After the remote signer has executed the document, it gets electronically transmitted to the notary public for officiating. 
  • The notary then stamps and notarizes the transmitted document.
  • The electronic notarial process does not require the transmission of paper records or ink signatures of either the signer (i.e., principal) or electronic notary.  The result of the process is an electronically created, electronically stored document that may be done online, and may be papered out for recording or other purposes.

Remote Online Notarization

Available Monday - Saturday, 10:30 am - 6 pm. EST

Same-day appointments for online notarizations are available worldwide.

Appointments are conducted securely using audio-video technology and recorded by New York State law.

Call/Text us at 917-453-7358 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for more information and availability.